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• Indoor drain blockage

Drips and Leaks plumbers assist customers in unblock indoor drain blockages possibly caused by accumulation of fats and grease from the kitchen, small pieces of food bits that were trapped and accumulates in the kitchen pipes.

The company uses best possible and practical methods to unblock bath, basin, shower and toilet drainages as results of accumulation of hair, soap, dental floss, foreign objects and more.

• Outdoor Drain blockage

Fats or grease could sometimes cause outdoor drain blockage from kitchen and toilet papers from the toilets, although most common problems are due to dry leaves or any contents entering drain system, as well as tree roots that develops inside cracked sewage system.

The most common signs of a blocked drain is a slower dispensing of water and toxic smell from the sink. Drips and Leaks plumbers also uses approved chemicals to dissolve grease and/or fats and root killing chemical should a customer require.


The company uses best possible and practical methods to unblock bath, basin, shower and toilet drainages as results of accumulation of hair, soap, dental floss, foreign objects and more.

Drips and Leaks plumbers also install and replace bathrooms, shower, basins, kitchen and taps.

We have experienced plumber to do all this jobs for you.



• Maintenance & Repairs

Drips and Leaks plumbers installs and repair geysers for its clients using SABS approved products.

We follow industry standard procedure to ensure compliance in all our installations and repairs. All our geyser installations come with the certificate of compliance (COC).

Water savings technologies are also utilised to save or preserve water usage during the new geyser installations or repairs.

The appointed plumbers help customers with any geyser related problems such as discoloured hot water, a discomforting vibrations and pipes noises when opening tap water, pressure valves excessive leaks, not receiving adequate hot water pressure, replacing either galvanised or copper pipes due to leakage as a result of corrosion or wear and tear.

Should there be a need to replace an old geyser, our valued customers are advised by law to consider the geyser to be installed according to industry standards, should the old geyser be not complying with the standards.

These will include ensuring that the control pressure valve and the geyser capacity are in-line, putting the correct drip tray and other related compliant on the geyser to ensure it pass the COC.

All other geyser related components such as element and thermostat can be replaced to ensure the geyser works to its optimal levels



At Drips and Leaks Plumbers, we are there for you to save water waste caused by damaged pipes and taps. When your pipe or tap is leaking, you just do not lose water itself, that poses risks to your health as well due fungus and other material damages that leaks cause.

An increasing water shortages has also posed an alarming need to save as much water as possible and by ensuring that there is no leakage at your home can save up to or more than twenty liters of water a day. There is more to gain from saving water.

The following are some of common water leaks at residential and commercial premises: Dripping tap due to over tightening or tap not tightened well enough. Toilet inlet pipe to valve pouring, this is due toilet moving ever so slightly and is causing a strain on the pipe to the toilet.

Water leaking from under the bath. Shower hose leakage caused by ageing, water leakages underneath the sink caused sometimes by a storage of products that sometimes result in the pipe being hit unintentionally. Other problems that can result in leakage is pipes deterioration or rust, cracks from the pipes or even tree roots, causes are many.


Replacement of all types of urinals such as pedestals, trough, and stall. Inspections of urinal traps in or under the floor, inspection of flushometers, and diaphragm. Checking of alignment between the flushometer and angle valve to prevent leakage. Making of necessary replacement on wear out O-ring. Replacing leaking vacuum breaker during flush cycle, and also checking of the flange nut leakage, changing of spud gasket where necessary.

Conducting of all necessary maintenance on the Urinals, including blockages, and smell treatment on the Urinal.




Underground & Surface Leaking Pipes

Drips and Leaks plumbers assist in replacing leaking pipes from the roof, wall, surface pipes and underground pipes as a result of aging.

Shower, bath installation and Repairs

Replacement, installation and unblocking of showers, baths and lavatory. Fixing of leakages, pipes, and or any malfunctions related to bath, shower and lavatory.